Industrial applications

Safety-critical systems resistant to the wide range of forces created in high energy industrial applications

Exceptional expertise developing sensors for industries with processes that operate in extreme environments

  • Complete range of sensors for critical and challenging applications
  • Solution development to meet your program’s specific requirements

Ultra Energy’s heritage in the nuclear industry has given us exceptional specialist expertise in the design and manufacture of sensors that can operate in extreme environments. Many safety-critical industries turn to us for solutions that are resistant to the wide range of destructive forces created in high energy applications.

Industrial sensors designed for challenging applications

The industrial sensors we manufacture are designed for the most critical and challenging applications. Our capabilities range from simple direct immersion sensors to complete sensor assemblies, including sensor, thermowell, connection head, and transmitter. Sensors are packaged to provide exceptional accuracy, stability and reliability in the harshest environments. We can also verify accuracy in our ISO/IEC 17025:2005 calibration facilities.

Capabilities to meet the most challenging program requirements

Our design, fabrication, validation and supply chain set-up capabilities ensure we can develop and deliver solutions to meet all your program requirements and milestones.

Oil and gas
  • Temperature sensors for oil and gas applications
  • Temperature sensors for pharmaceutical applications 
  • Temperature sensors for HVAC applications
Industrial fibre optic networking
  • Electrical interface modules (EIM)
  • Optical interface modules (OIM)
  • Power supply modules (PSM)
  • Self-healing ring modules
  • Analogue data links
  • MX multiplexers
  • Digital data links
  • Multi-channel contact closures
  • Industrial Ethernet switches 
  • Expansion modules
  • Media converter
  • Industrial Ethernet switch

Online shop

To buy new or replacement Ultra Energy products, our online shop is an essential resource. It provides an easy to use and rapid way to place an order with us.

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