ANS Utility Working Conference, Marco Island (FL)

Ultra Energy is exhibiting at booth 215 at the American Nuclear Society's annual meeting.

Ultra Energy supports ANS' contention that 'Net Zero needs nuclear' 

The American Nuclear Society's Utility Working Conference 2022 (UWC) is framing the contribution nuclear power makes to reducing carbon emissions with the need to improve plant efficiency and effectiveness to create significant reductions in operating expenses.


Plant life extension

Ultra Energy can help America secure future power from its historic investments by maintaining safe operation of systems in established nuclear power plants.

Reactor construction and advanced reactor development

The US is a world leader in nuclear construction and critical R&D. Ultra Energy provides proven safety systems supporting the efficient construction of additional low-carbon nuclear-sourced energy. We are accelerating the cost-effective development of advanced reactors with innovative safety solutions based on proven technology.

Customer stories

How we support customers in managing the 'aging and obsolescence' of systems and components, as well as our value in solution development.

EDF Energy annual revenue of $2bn protected with renewed supply of discontinued parts

EDF Energy operates the UK’s fleet of seven ageing advanced gas-cooled reactor (AGR) nuclear power stations. At the point EDF Energy took ownership, only a small number of spare neutron detectors were available.

Thanks to Ultra Energy, EDF Energy now has a guaranteed supply of critical parts for its AGR power stations so will be able to continue operating them to their extended end-of-life target dates, protecting annual revenue of over $2 billion. 

  • World class ability to support the life extension of nuclear licensed facilities
  • Remanufacture of complex nuclear grade equipment to modern standards
  • Complete lifecycle support
Ultra Energy was critical to NuScale gaining development funding and regulatory approval for its SMR design

NuScale’s aim to radically reduce the size of plants and cost effectively deliver them to site pre-built introduced a range of high-risk engineering challenges. Safety could not be bought ‘off the shelf’. Multiple first-of-a-kind engineering projects would need to be successfully delivered for NuScale to gain regulatory approval and launch its SMR commercially.

Our experience, expertise and project methodology were core to giving NuScale a short cut to the right answers. This quality enabled NuScale to gain regulatory approval for a new model of nuclear power generation and bring it to market within a timeframe and cost that met the expectations of its investors.

  • Unrivalled ability to solve complex new safety challenges, minimizing risk associated with developing new nuclear platforms
  • New solutions leverage proven expertise and systems to generate significant time and cost savings
Analogue instrumentation recovery programme for six reactors

Ultra Energy gave a further 10 years of operational life to over 350 individual instruments of 15 types that make up a critical safety system fitted to six reactors

Life extension for critical computer-based protection systems

Ultra Energy extended the life of a primary protection system by 15 years, removing the need for a wholescale system replacement and saving the operator tens of millions of dollars.

High integrity digital to analogue converter recovery programme

Ultra Energy's investigation and recovery programme improved equipment reliability and projected end of life of critical components by more than 10 years.

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