International Nuclear Manufacturing Summit 2022

Ultra Energy is exhibiting at the International Nuclear Manufacturing Summit 2022 in Rotherham

Ultra Energy is a global company with over 60 years’ experience designing and manufacturing safety solutions for the nuclear industry. 

Our stand at this event covers location 25 and 26, straight in front of you as you enter the exhibition hall.

Ready to welcome you will be our colleagues Paul Hounsell, Barry Roberts and Rob Muirhead, with our Vice President, Andy Russell, also attending the event.

If you'd like to guarantee that you can speak with a specific member of our team, you'll find their contact details below. For more general enquiries, please contact us.

Ultra Energy introduces high temperature neutron flux detector capable of operating at 800 Celsius

Safe operation of next generation reactors requires leap in sensor capabilities. Ultra Energy has designed and manufactured a new neutron flux sensor capable of operating from room temperature up to 800°C with no change in its performance. The device is based on other Ultra sensors that have operated successfully at up to 550°C for many decades in most of the UK’s existing nuclear fleet.

SMR and advanced reactor development

Ultra Energy accelerates the cost-effective development of new power plant forms and advanced reactors with innovative safety solutions based on proven technology.

Plant life extension

Ultra Energy has helped multiple customers to significantly extend the life of established nuclear power plant fleets, helping to maintain revenues linked to the power such sites generate. We provide complete system or components refurbishment, reverse engineering, redesign or remanufacture, with an ongoing programme until final end of life

New build large reactors

Today’s focus on low carbon energy, as well as the need for energy security, is stimulating a new wave of commitment to large reactor construction. Organisations turn to Ultra Energy to ensure the safety of critical systems that are vital to the ongoing operation of these facilities.

Paul Hounsell Barry Roberts Rob Muirhead Andy Russell
Paul Hounsell

Paul Hounsell

Head of Sales

07341 731185

[email protected]

Barry Roberts Rob Muirhead Andy Russell

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