Organizations we work with are responsible for the safe operation of critical systems deployed in extreme environments

Problem solving and solution support for organizations operating complex processes in extreme environments

  • Long term nuclear safety and increased return on investment
  • Space and aerospace safety risk reduction
  • Protection and control of industrial processes

Ultra Energy's core value is in maintaining the safety of critical systems operating in extreme environments. With our problem solving support, customers operate responsibly, comply with regulatory frameworks and deliver the maximum return to stakeholders and society.

Safe and efficient nuclear operations

In nuclear, they are developing new reactor types that have the promise of transforming energy security. They are building new large reactors and extending the life of existing plants, as well as being responsible for the managed lifecycle of radioactive materials.

Reduced risk for space and aerospace operators

The space and aerospace sectors are similarly going through a period of rapid development, with the race to net zero aviation underway and the growing use of reusable rockets. We help customers in these sectors to ensure the complete reliability of systems that might otherwise present a significant risk to users and operators.

Protection and control of high energy industrial processes

Ultra Energy also helps a broad range of industrial manufactures to protect and control the high energy processes they use.


Expert support for organizations responsible for the safety of nuclear sites

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Space and aersopace

Safety solutions for spacecraft and aerospace systems

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Delivering safety solutions able to resist forces created in high energy industrial applications

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