Solving our customers' complex safety challenges with solutions that give full, long-term protection and control of mission critical systems

Minimizing safety risks associated with industrial processes and optimizing their operation to deliver greater value to stakeholders

  • Close partnership working with customers
  • Program defined innovation that leverages our proven technology
  • Expert global solutions team reliably delivering to program milestones

Ultra Energy has been solving the challenges associated with industrial systems operating in extreme environments for 60 years. During that time, we’ve created technologies that deliver two essential goals for our customers: minimizing or removing the safety risk associated with industrial processes and optimizing their operation to gain long-term efficiency and deliver greater value to stakeholders.

Intelligence and expertise from a global design, manufacturing and project management team

We work in close partnership with customers, leveraging our own proven technologies to build custom solutions that address the specific requirements of their programs. Our global design, manufacturing and project management team add their intelligence and expertise to ensure that solutions are specified to meet the needs of the project, are delivered on time and at a very high quality.


Neutron monitoring

Neutron monitoring solutions for reactor power and safety management in traditional and advanced reactors

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Radiation monitoring

Monitoring solutions to detect all forms of radiation, in any quantity, wherever it is present

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Reactor protection and control

High integrity reactor protection and control ensuring unexpected reactor issues can't put safety at risk

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Temperature and pressure

Continuous visibility of safety-critical variables for safe and controlled operation of industrial processes

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Fiber optic networking

Solutions for open and proprietary protocols providing cost-effective ways to monitor and control electrical signals over fiber

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