Temperature and pressure

Precise and reliable temperature and pressure measurement for safe ongoing control of nuclear and industrial processes

Comprehensive range of high-integrity temperature and pressure sensors

  • Comprehensive range to deliver customer requirements regardless of installation constraints
  • Highly experienced global design and manufacturing team to deliver the right sensor at the right time
  • Proven effectiveness with installations in most US nuclear power stations

Ultra Energy designs and manufactures nuclear qualified, precision temperature and pressure sensors, as well as related accessories, for use in nuclear plants and other safety-critical industrial applications. With a comprehensive range of products, we can support significant variation in environmental conditions, physical complexity and other system installation constraints.

Global team providing an end-to-end application engineering service

Our global team performs the engineering development, manufacturing, supply chain management and logistics to ensure you get the right sensor, with the right performance, at the right time to meet your needs. Our design and manufacturing capabilities enable customer-application lead delivery of individual sensors up to bespoke sensor assemblies.

Vital safety role in international nuclear power markets

We have delivered measurement systems that comply with nuclear regulatory frameworks for over 60 years. In the US, over 80% of reactors rely on our temperature sensors for critical reactor coolant monitoring. Our pressure transmitters are used at over 20% of US nuclear power plants. In the UK, we are class-leading in the development and integration of safety-critical temperature and pressure solutions in both the civil and military nuclear markets.

Qualified sensors for all reactor forms

Ultra Energy sensors are qualified for use in all leading reactor technologies, including AGR, PWR, BWR, CANDU (PHWR), and APWR, as well as the advanced and small modular reactors that are currently under development.


Resistance temperature detectors
  • Resistance Temperature Detectors (RTDs) are sensors that measure temperature by correlating the resistance of the RTD element with temperature
  • A thermocouple consists of two dissimilar metals, joined together at one end
  • When the junction of the two metals is cooled or heated a voltage is produced that can be correlated back to the temperature
  • Most thermocouple alloys are commonly available as wire
  • Thermistor sensors are designed to meet the needs of commercial HVAC Systems
  • The cost effectiveness and design features of our sensors make them the ideal HVAC data monitoring device
  • Our temperature transmitters are qualified to IEEE-344 and can be used with either RTDs or thermocouples
  • We provide accessories for your sensor applications. Whether you need thermowells, temperature transmitters, heads, connectors, or thermocouple wire, we have you covered


Analogue pressure transmitters
  • DTC3® provides precision differential, absolute and gauge pressure measurements in non-safety critical nuclear applications requiring reliable performance and functional safety
  • DTN2070 is designed for harsh nuclear environments and provides precision differential, absolute and gauge pressure measurements in nuclear applications requiring reliable performance and functional safety
Electronic pressure transmitters
  • N-E11 and N-E13 are 2-wire differential, absolute and gauge pressure transmitters that have been type-tested for applications under seismic, radiation, aging, and loss-of-cooling accident (LOCA) environments of Nuclear Power Plants per IEEE 323-1974 and 344-1975 requirements
Foxboro™ pressure transmitters
  • Our N-I/A series of differential, absolute and gauge pressure transmitters is designed for robustness and reliability so will cover most of your application needs while eliminating erroneous sensor selection, reducing inventory, and allowing fast replacement with less downtime
Draft pressure transmitters
  • Our N-DR800 draft series transmitter is a nuclear qualified analogue loop powered transmitter for very low-pressure measurement such as HEPA vent filter, HEPA filter discharge flow, control room air, containment pressure, scrubber/pre-concentrator demister, rad waste evaporator, vent stack monitoring, turbine building DP and main chimney flow
Extreme environment pressure transducers
  • Our NP9000 series pressure transducers are hermetic submersible transducers combining a Wheatstone bridge strain gauge pressure sensor and temperature sensor in the one package enabling precise temperature compensation in the signal conditioner or transmitter electronics in extreme environments and tight spaces where traditional pressure transmitters are unsuitable

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To buy new or replacement Ultra Energy temperature and pressure products, our online store is an essential resource for you. It provides an easy to use and rapid way to place an order with us.

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