Maintaining the safety of critical processes and radioactive material for all organizations responsible for nuclear technologies and facilities

Supporting safe and efficient nuclear systems and processes since the industry began

  • Maintaining the safety of fission and power generation processes
  • Maximizing efficiencies in reactor development cycles
  • Supporting safe managed lifecycles of radioactive materials to minimize risk

Ultra Energy has been supporting the nuclear industry since its first major expansion in the 1960s. Since then, we have become essential to its safe ongoing operation and its ability to comply with increasingly stringent safety regulations.  

Safety solutions for new plants and extending the life of systems in existing nuclear fleets

We solve significant challenges associated with delivering effective protection and control of fission processes and power generation, both for new plants and in respect to extending the life of older reactors.

New reactor development timescales reduced and significant efficiencies created

Developers of new reactor types are able to call on our expertise and proven technologies to deliver program milestones more rapidly and efficiently, supporting them through to commercial launch and beyond.

Managed lifecycles of radioactive materials supported to minimize safety risks

The full managed lifecycle of radioactive material has safety risks at each stage. We play a vital role in minimizing those risks, while also helping organizations maximize the value they derive from the material under their control.

Advanced reactors

Creating innovative safety solutions based on proven technology to accelerate cost-effective development of advanced reactors

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New build large reactors

Proven safety systems supporting the delivery of additional low-carbon nuclear-sourced energy

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Plant life extension

Securing future power from historic investments by maintaining safe operation of systems in established nuclear power plants

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Radioactive material management

Ensuring the safety of radioactive materials and associated infrastructure across their managed lifecycle

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