Plant life extensions

Securing ongoing power generation from historic investments by maintaining the safe operation of existing nuclear power plants

Maintain nuclear power generation by extending the life of ageing or obsolete systems

  • Complete systems or essential components refurbished, reverse engineered, redesigned or remanufactured
  • Ongoing system refresh program managed until final end of life

Ultra Energy has helped multiple customers across the world to significantly extend the life of established nuclear power plant fleets. Our work maintains revenue linked to the power such sites generate and costs vastly less than building a new reactor.

Delivering life extending ‘ageing and obsolescence’ programmes

While all reactors generating power today will be decommissioned eventually, extending the life of their systems can extend the life of the whole plant. One of our core competencies is delivering ‘ageing and obsolescence’ programmes, including refurbishment, reverse engineering, redesign and remanufacture of components or entire systems that are no longer in production. Our programmes can extend beyond immediate needs to provide an ongoing system refresh programme up to the absolute deadline for end of life.

Sustain complete systems or component parts with support for regulatory approval

We can support and sustain complete systems or provide specific support in areas such as process definition, sourcing, equipment evaluation and qualification. As well as meeting our customers' performance requirements, our solutions will comply with national regulations and benefit from being manufactured in our state-of-the-art, nuclear qualified manufacturing facilities.

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