Protect what matters: radiation monitoring solutions ensure a safe environment for all

11 September 2023

Protect what matters: radiation monitoring solutions ensure a safe environment for all

Your work is critical to delivering reliable electricity to the power grid. Whether building new reactors, extending the life of existing plants, or managing the lifecycle of radioactive material, the nuclear technologies you support are a powerful force –powerful enough to cause harm as quickly as they generate energy.

An essential component to nuclear power is putting safety and protection systems in place to protect what matters. Beyond your stakeholders’ investment in the plant, what matters most are your employees, the families in the communities surrounding your plant, and the natural world, including nearby streams and larger bodies supplying water.

No one can deny the importance of a safe water supply to humans and the wider environment. Because even small doses of radiation can be harmful, leaks of any kind must be detected quickly, and an immediate mitigating action begun.

Three types of protection serve to monitor the sources of radioactive materials that can travel through air and fluids from their origin at a nuclear plant:

  • Area monitoring, protecting whole sites from exposure to unacceptable levels of radioactivity
  • Stack monitors protect the environment and public from radioactive effluent released from nuclear facilities
  • Process monitoring solutions measure radiation and contamination levels in a process

Any place that may encounter alpha, beta or gamma radiation requires a trusted system for protection. Even better than selecting a good system unaided? Collaborating with an expert in radiation monitoring, someone who can customize a solution for your needs to eliminate false alarms and provide real-time data integrity.

Ultra Energy is a company of nuclear engineers and radiation specialists – now more than 400 strong across the globe – who work every day to design and deliver ideal solutions that meet and exceed safety and environmental standards and regulations. As an expert in delivering solutions to the nuclear energy industry, Ultra Energy’s radiation monitoring systems (RMS) team partners with you to ensure your site’s safety and its ongoing compliant operations with a collaborative working partnership through every stage of the radiation monitoring solution lifecycle.

Ultra Energy has decades of experience in nuclear qualified component design, system integration, installation and testing. Our agile project management tools contribute to protecting what matters with better solutions, faster turnaround and accurate project estimates for our customers. Our wide range of solutions maintains safety in nearly all of the UK’s civil and military nuclear facilities, is installed in 80% of US nuclear power stations and is in operation in many other nuclear sites around the world.

We take responsibility for design, development, supply chain, manufacturing and delivery. At the pre-delivery stage, Ultra Energy starts every project with personalized consultation to understand your specific challenges across the spectrum of nuclear technology needs. Beyond the standard systems, Ultra Energy is recognized for its knowledge and capacity to design, configure, and test systems for customers with especially unusual needs.

Once your project is underway, our team uses that robust experience to deliver reliable, safe systems designed to quickly recognize any type of radiation to your site within the specified timeframe and budget. Nuclear professionalism and the desire to get it right is important to us and runs through everything we do, so you can feel secure that the installation process will run smoothly.

Even after installation, you can count on the long-term protections we build into every solution. We include clear indicator signals in every installation designed to mitigate risk, unnecessary expenses, and interruptions for the life of the system. Every solution also offers the data integrity your team requires to make the right decisions, rapidly.

By providing high-quality safety and monitoring systems to last for generations, we support decarbonization efforts around the world through innovative nuclear safety solutions.

At every phase of our relationship, the safety of employees and communities, as well as the protection of your plant investment, is our ultimate goal.

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